Hi, I’m Anastasia ♥ (@redcherryst is my personal blog on Instagram)

I have gone through quite a journey to get here, but here we go! I’ve finally been able to create my vermeil (sterling silver 925 gold plated with 24k) jewelry collection using so much of what I’ve learned over the course of almost four years.

And I'm so happy and proud about how it came about :)

It all started over four years ago when I found myself chasing this poor girl down the street because I wanted to take a picture of her perfect, stunning earrings (just imagine the scene…).

Those scenarios would happen to me every so often in weird ways and too many (though I must admit I’ve always been a bit quirky…)

Anyways, at some point, I realized that my adoration for jewelry - is pretty much what gets me going.

To make what I really love making, with endless passion. Create jewelry. My art.
So, I learned silver-smiting when I lived back in London.

Then when I moved to Oxford there was this class I found for photography – and that fit me like a glove. And became my huge passion too.

So, all pictures and edits are a fruit of my work as well (almost Maya the Bee:). 

Then when we travelled to Berlin in beautiful Germany (lots of travelling, I know) I put my heart and soul into finally making my dreams come true.

This collection is a combination of both a simple, minimalistic, everyday styles and unique and sophisticated designs.

Each piece is made from scratch. The sketching, the 3d design. Then casting it in little, family factory in Europe.

And rest assured the quality of every piece is verified by me personally before shipping.

So if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message to info@redcherryblvd.com

I will respond to them all with love.

Truly Yours♥ 
Anastasia xxx 

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